Cultural Center

      The Centro Cultural of Batahola Norte is a technical training and holistic education project for women and youth based in Managua. Founded in 1983 by Fr. Ángel Torrellas, OP, and S. Margarita Navarro, CSJ, our mission is to empower and transform our students and our community. The Cultural Center’s priority is to work with the women and children who most bear the weight of social and economic inequity, to break the cycle of poverty and restore hope in a better tomorrow. That objective is at the heart of the Center’s mission to empower and transform its students and community through access to education, arts and culture. Since 1983, the Center has helped thousands of women, children and youth to defend their rights, finish their schooling, find and develop new sources of income, and improve their standard of living.

With an annual enrollment of over 1,000 students, and activities directly benefiting another 3,500 people each year, the CCBN is a busy place. At present there are 16 teachers, 8 program staff members, 17 operations staff members, and 3 full-time volunteers who inspire and nurture the students in their care. Most of the Center’s teachers have some level of postsecondary education and are former students of the Center. They offer a curriculum endorsed by national government institutions.

Training Area: Offers over 20 classes in Basic Adult Education, technical-vocational education and performing or visual arts

Holistic Educational Support Area: Supports vulnerable children and teens and their families through a variety of activities, including library services, academic scholarships, parenting groups and life-skills development

Arts and Culture Promotion Area: Centers around four performing arts groups and provides a space at the Center where the community has access to cultural activities and exchanges

Prevention of Gender and Generational Violence Area: Works to prevent violence against women and children, empowering individuals and communities to reduce risk factors for violence and identify and escape violent situations

Other: Weekly Mass (Misa Campesina), mural tours, delegation visits

We also seek to support the healthy development of young people through the arts, offering classes and performance opportunities in folkloric dance, music, painting, and theater. Since 1994 we have enabled more than 100 young people from poor families to finish their studies (primary through university levels) and become trained professionals, including lawyers, doctors, translators, social workers, journalists, business administrators, physical therapists, engineers, and musicians.

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Support: The Friends of Batahola is a not-for-profit organization established in the United States to provide resources for the growth and sustenance of the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte. Friends of Batahola is registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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