Celebrating the life of Sister Margie

Last night in CCNN we all came together to celebrate Sister Margie, her life, and her legacy.  This year the center decided to have a dance recital to convey the passion Sister Margie had for her dear friends here in Nicaragua.

I’ve heard many people say that she always had a smile and she was a very positive person. Her smile definitely showed her attitude and her character as she walked through the streets. After all she had endured while fighting for justice, she would still brightly shine. She stood her ground after everything that was happening around her:

“In Panama, she narrowly escaped the death inflicted upon her friend and co-worker, Father Hector.  Had she not been unexpectedly delayed, she would have been riding with him in the jeep that was shoved over the mountain with him inside”

-Lorraine Holtel

She had this passion and this calling to continue and touch more lives; and that’s exactly what she did.  Sister Margie continued doing what gave many others enough fear to throw in the towel, but she was going to fight until the end.

“At the time I wondered how this woman who fought such a hard, determined battle against poverty could smile so much.  Now I know that she believed she was winning-and she was.”

-Charlene Meyer

Many of those who I have spoken with told me that she always knew when to ask if someone needed help or if they were okay.  One woman told me that she could just sense if something was off about a person and would lend an ear to listen.  She was a woman that cared dearly for her friends and even for those who she didn’t know, she would still open her heart to them.

“I remember whenever we traveled with Margie, she took time to stop and give oranges to the men and boys working on the highway.”

-Al Meyer

In this recital, there were nine dances from two companies.  These girls (and boy) gave their hearts while dancing and you could tell. Right before their performance, Karla gave a good pep talk to the girls, to help them understand why they were there and what it all meant. (Translated from what she had said):

“Tonight’s performance is for one of our founders; a woman that took a lot of pride in the center.  We are here dancing for her and I would like you to show it.  Now, I know all of you are too young and never met her, but Sister Margie was a very special woman.  She was an inspiration and a woman that we all care a lot for.”

With that speech in their minds, these girls gave it their all.  They all had bright smiles and every movement had a purpose. They danced their hearts out in different styles such as: folklore, güegüense, contemporary, and more!! Everyone worked so hard in coming together and putting on this spectacular night!


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