To those who haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks, wondering ‘Why hasn’t she posted a blog?’ FEAR NOT! I have one right here for you!

So for today I would like to discuss Leon, the city in the northwest of Nicaragua! I had the opportunity to get out of Managua for the weekend, which really helped me clear my head and relax a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here Managua and working in the center but sometimes a break is very necessary!

So, Friday around noon we set of for Leon! So, to get to Leon you can take a 50’s school bus OR you can get a microbus from the UCA that costs 61 Cordobas per person.  Due construction and the driver wanting to take a break every now and then, it took us about two and a half hours to get there.  Once we were there, we left our stuff at the hostel and began walking around! We had the opportunity to tour around in the Revolution Museum with Our guide Javier.  He was a part of the revolution and the men that like to sit on the stoop outside are those who also fought and are still proud to this day.  That had to be my favorite part of the tour; having someone that lived it, that could look you in the eyes and give you all that they experienced.  We learned about Sandino, the ‘Father of the Revolution’, the man that started it all.  We also learned about Carlos Fonseca and many more that had their important parts in the war. Something that I really liked was that Javier took the time to point out that women took part as well.  He began to explain that women are just as powerful (in different ways) as men, and sometimes they may even be smarter in someways.  So he said that as well as men, he thanks women everyday for being a part of his beautiful country and their part in the revolution as well.

After touring the museum, he took us up to the roof to get a good view of the city…..now when you think of a roof, what does that look like in your mind? I can guarantee that what your imagining is definitely not the kind of roof we were walking on but hey, sometimes in life, you need to be a little risky. Even though it was a tad sketchy, I’ll admit that it was worth it.

Saturday we made our way to the cathedral above, where you can go up to the roof and walk around…barefoot…in the heat.  It was an interesting experience; I wore sandals and when walking up there you cant wear shoes at all…so i burned my feet a bit. BUT it was totally worth it!  We walked around the roof for about 25 minutes (the time that they give you to take pictures and wander around).  We made our way around trying to stay in the shade avoiding the intensity of the sun. Let me tell you all…..Leon is so much hotter than Managua, and we were DYING in the sun.  But with some Powerade and positivy, we survived!!! While up on the roof, we HAD to take so cliche pictures… so enjoy!


For the afternoon, we signed up for an excursion, want to guess what kind? Here’s a little hint!

We hiked up a volcano!  We had the opportunity to go to Volcan Telica for the sunset and to get up close to the edge to see the lava and to chill for a bit.  Something that I found very interesting was the noise the volcano made.  It sounded like a large river flowing.  After a 2 hour car ride, an hour hike up, we got to see one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve experienced.  We ate our vegetarian sandwiches and our prize beer (there was actually a guy at the top selling beer to people that made it to the top) and then went back to see more of the lava at night.  After about 2 hours, we headed back down to the cars and headed home, exhausted! The ride on the way back was a bit rough; the driver wanted to get home quicker and was not letting the bumpy rode stop that.  So after about an hour I felt like throwing up but hey, still worth it!


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