Getting Ready for KERMES!

It’s time for the Kermes!! Yay!

I don’t know about the rest of you lovely readers….but I didn’t know what Kermes meant (in English or Spanish) so I looked up what the translation would be!

I typed it into WordReference and it gave me a couple of answers: true bug, kermes and county fair.  If you guessed county fair you’re right! Sort of!  We’re having a fair to raise money!  Adults can buy their entry band for C$10 each and children for C$5 each.  For those of you that would like an idea of what that is in dollars: Adults need to pay $0.34 per person and children $0.17 to get in.  

Each class that the center has is going to make something to sell at the Kermes or putting on activities.

The dance class will be having a mini concert/presentation as well as my host mom doing Zumba!  The cooking class will be showing off their culinary skills to help support. There will be some foods for C$10-15 per serving and drinking for C$10 per cup/bolsa. The Natural medicine class will be giving massages for C$10 or so per person and doing health examinations  to help contribute! Also! There will be a popcorn stand!

This beautiful creation you see of the box of popcorn was created by the one and only MOOORRRRAAAA! She and many of those who are helping with the Kermes are working hard and making sure every detail is in order for the day to go smoothly!

If I understood correctly, there will also be face painting, games, and as you saw above A DUNK TANK! Hopefully all goes smoothly and a lot of people come to help support the center but also to enjoy all the activities, food, and presentations! So, if you live in the barrio, or close to the barrio make sure to come and join us tomorrow (Sunday) from 8 am to 4 pm and be sure to have fun and get some yummy food! Everyone has been working hard so you know it’ll be a good time!



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