Hit That Note!

Have you ever wanted to be on American Idol? Do you think you have with it takes to be a great singer?  Or do you just like to read blogs about people singing in English?


This past week my wonderful English students had to sing English songs for an assignment.  We had a range of songs from ‘I want it that way’ by the Backstreet Boys to ‘Great Pretender’  by the Platters!  Let me tell you, they worked very hard and some were very passionate during their part of our mini concert.  We had some doing the wave and some singing along! I will tell you though, it took every bone in my body not to sing (or dance) when the backstreet boys came on!


Did I also mention that I had to get up and sing? Yup! They made sure their teacher didn’t feel too left out as they took the stage so they chose a song for me…in Spanish! The amazing song to debut with was called ‘Amor Fritanguero’ by Cuneta son Machin if you would like to listen to it.  Go on and have a listen! I can assure you it’s an interesting one! So, what is this song about you ask? Well, let’s have a mini Spanish lesson to see if you all can guess it, if not you’ll have the answer soon enough! For starters, the word ‘amor’ means love. So the first part is done= love!  Second part of the lesson- frita is an adjective used mainly with fast food or food that is ‘cooked in oil’. Any guesses? Fried would be the correct answer! So a fritanguero would be the person frying the food.  SOOOOOOO drum-roll please! I sang a song about the love for a person who fries food to sell it! Yay!

We will be having our next mini concert in about seven or eight weeks when we complete level four and move to the fifth and final level of their studies. Stay tuned for more English activities!

We have the KERMES coming up on September 3rd where we will make refresco and volunteer our time to raise money for  CCBN along with the other departments at the center!

Maybe there will even be a blog post about it!

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