Bienvenida a Nicaragua, Kelsey!

We’re very excited to welcome the 6th generation of Batahola Volunteers, Kelsey Overley! Kelsey first traveled to the Center as a student on an immersion trip with McNicholas High School in 2011, and has dreamed of returning as a volunteer since then. Here’s a little more info about Kelsey:


Kelsey was born in Seattle, Washington but raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She graduated from Archbishop McNicholas High School and went to Muskingum University and graduated with a bachelor’s in Spanish and Health Administration. After graduating, she worked in Spain as an English teacher for nine months and returned home this past June!  Some random facts about her would be that she played soccer for about eighteen years, her favorite food is mashed potatoes with mixed with corn, and she comes from a family of four. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and reading. Her favorite Nicaraguan foods are gallo pinto and guacamole. She’s looking forward to learning more about Batahola and integrating herself into the community.



One thought on “Bienvenida a Nicaragua, Kelsey!

  1. Kelsey’s first trip to Batahola was under the direction by Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. IHM Parish wishes you all the best as the new FOB Volunteer.

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