Welcome home, Doña Martha and Carla

This week, the Center welcomed back two familiar faces, Doña Martha Juarez Centeno and her daughter Carla Juarez Centeno, who also happen to be my next door neighbors. I often stop by Doña Martha’s on my way home from work to listen to her stories of old days at the Center and enjoy some of her delicious home-made baked goods. Doña Martha first came to the Center in 1983, when she joined Sister Margie’s women’s group. During her time here, she participated in the Friday morning women’s reflection group, the soy program for neighborhood children, and took sewing, beauty and cooking classes. Her favorite memories of her time here are the strong relationships she created with other women. Her daughter, Carla, first came to the Center when she was ten years old and participated in dance, painting, and crafts classes.  In 1994, they left the Center to take jobs at another non-profit in Ciudad Sandino focused on working with street children and single mothers, where Doña Martha gave cooking classes and Carla taught crafts. Both women are very excited to be back at the Center. Carla says: “It feels like coming home.”


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