I want to live to love those around me

Thank you Sally Daoud, McNick Student and Visitor of CCBN Summer 2015, For Sharing These Beautiful Thoughts on Your Experience in Nicaragua!

“I want to live to love those around me and give them the love they deserve. We are born with different physical characteristics but we are all human, the same being. While poverty, distance, and injustice may divide us, love unites us. We were born with no thoughts of hate, cruelty and sadness yet we experience and witness it everyday. However that is when we must rise and give all of our love and kindness. If everyone could simply live in love and harmony we could lessen the bad in the world. There will be poverty. There will be injustice. There will be distance from our brothers and sisters around the world. But love is universal. It’s not something you acquire, it is something that you are born of. You were born out of love and it seems only fair that you share love with all those around you. So I want to live for love. Love for those who have harder time receiving it. Love for those who do what they have to do to make ends meet. Love for those who give so much and expect nothing back. Live to Love.

Words are not enough to describe this experience. What I have seen with my very own eyes in one word would be love. You expect the people and the environment to be sad and lonesome but you would be very surprised. The kindness and sense of community that I witnessed first hand at the Cultural Center in Managua is beyond me. Everyone shows nothing but love to one another. You see no hate, among the people, as if all they know is how to love. It is an example to everyone. They make the most of their situation and what they have and I heard no complaints. It was the most eyeopening experience I will probably ever have. It changes your perspective and outlook on life. You not only look but you really see. You listen not just hear. You feel emotions and have thoughts that have never occurred to you before. It’s renewing in the sense that you are not so different from them after all. We say that money, living situation, and job stability are what separates us, but take all that away and we are left with our thoughts, words, and emotions. You can connect with anyone you meet if you think that you are no better than them. We are all one, we are all united, we are all capable of loving one another.”



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