The Angel of Batahola


This Sunday, the Batahola community came together for a mass in commemoration of the 14th anniversary of one of our founders, Father Angel Torrellas.

When Angel and Margarita first arrived in Batahola, Angel began holding mass for the community under a street light just outside of where the Center is today. A trained musician, he soon began organizing music classes for youth in Batahola. Today, members of the Batahola community continue to celebrate mass each Sunday at the Center. Many of Angel’s former students have now become teachers at the Center, including guitar teacher Nineth Larios and choir director Juan Carlos Gaitan.

Below are the Spanish and English lyrics for the song “El Angel de Batahola” (The Angel of Batahola), written by the famous Nicaraguan musician Carlos Mejia Godoy after Angel’s death:


The Angel of Batahola

Written by Carlos Mejia Godoy


Those that knew you best say

that from the days of your infancy

They saw a cluster of stars

In the brightness of your eyes

Contemplating the snowy peaks

Of the high asturian mountains

You felt fated

To face storms and squalls


Angel of the children, Angel of the poor

Nicaragua won’t forget you

Here in Batahola, we will accompany you

On your eternal blue flight


As a young priest you responded

to the sweet voice of Jesus Christ

Since then you seemed to be

Made for great challenges

With your thirst for auroras and horizons

You crossed the sky and the waters

And one day you arrived jubilantly

Full of optimism to our country


A humble neighborhood of Managua

Was the fertile ground of your field

Here you poured out your soul

With the unforgettable Margarita

Rest in peace in this beautiful earth

Where you sowed your smile

From which emerges a spring of butterflies

Of flutes, of voices, and marimbas


El Angel de Batahola


Cuentan los que más te conocieron

Que desde los días de tu infancia

Vieron un racimo de luceros

Allá en el fulgor de tu mirada

Contemplando los picos nevados

De las altas cumbres asturianas

Te sentias ya predestinado

A enfrentar tormentas y borrascas


Angel de los pobres, Angel de los pobres

Nicaragua no te olvidará

Aquí en Batahola te acompañaremos

En tu vuelo azul de eternidad


Joven sacerdote respondiste

A la dulce voz de Jesucristo

parecías ser desde ese entonces

Hecho para grandes desafíos.

Con tu sed de auroras y horiantes

Cruzaste los cielos y las aguas

Y un dia llegaste jubiloso

Lleno de optimismo a nuestra patria.


Un humilde barrio de Managua

Fue la tierra fértil de tu milpa,

Aqui desbordaste toda el alma

Con la inolvidable Margarita.

Duerme en paz en este tierra hermosa

Que’onde vos sembraste tu sonrisa

Brota un manantial de mariposas

De flautas, de voces y marimbas


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