How does the CCBN give you hope?

How does the CCBN give me hope?

That is such an easy question to answer, as I am inspired every single day at work by the beautiful and impactful events and classes at the Center.  This Center is a place of learning, guidance, creativity and imagination for community members of all ages.  Whether it is hearing the sounds of a young recorder learner, or participating in a violence prevention group, hope and happiness resonant throughout this center.  It is a safe haven for many women and youth; a place to come together, distress and focus on themselves.

My community of coworkers has been so welcoming as I begin to integrate myself into the Center.  Their dedication and hard work is visible in the various projects of the Center, the classes they teach and their willingness to listen to the members of the community.  The workers of the Center work to address the needs of the community and give them hope for a better future.  As I have gotten to know my coworkers, it has become clear through their stories and experiences at the Center, that they have received so much hope and love through their jobs.  The Center has provided them with not only an economic means to support their family, but emotional support, professional development, and community.

I see hope in my students that they can improve their English, or find a job using English.  The little kids in the scholarship radiate hope and happiness to be running around the Center, playing games with their friends or participating in tutoring.  

The Center brings together people of all walks of life and economic levels.  It brings together people to learn, to laugh and fundamentally to love.  This learning and love inspires change and opportunity in our community, which brings a hope for a brighter future to all those involved at the center, whether it’s a scholarship student, an employee or someone from the neighborhood. I am grateful to work in such a beautiful place, and I to have been filled with hope for the future of Batahola.


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