Women’s Personal Goal Workshop

During my time at the Center, I have had the pleasure of accompanying and participating in a women’s workshop focused on personal goals. During six sessions, a group of about ten women and two interns from the University of Central America, have come together, formed bonds, and learned about their goals. The themes of each workshop focused on different necessary aspects to completing one’s goals. We learned about self-esteem, the difference between goals and dreams, and planned out goals including time frames, necessary resources, and ways of measuring them. Then each woman had individual meetings to discus their progress and plans for the future.

I truly hope each of these women complete their goal, ranging from learning to make pizza or taking a dance class, because I have seen a clear transformation in this group of women. They have become more confident, made new friends, and learned to focus on themselves. Many of these women are mothers and grandmothers. They have worked, cooked and cleaned their whole lives for their family. While setting their goals, the facilitators assured that they were personal goals, truly a goal that is for them because it is something that will make them happier; not a goal for their children, husband or household. The safe space that this workshop created for the group allowed the women to reflect, share and set new goals for their future. I am very grateful to have been a participant in this group and know that when I see these women in the Center, or the neighborhood we will remember the wonderful workshop we shared together.

10986459_1077974498903984_6851993690295655199_nWomen’s Personal Goal Group Featured With Our #YoSoyCCBN (I am CCBN) Campaign for the Upcoming Vocational Fair!




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