Snapshot Shout-Out


This is Janeth Baez, she’s 31 years old and has been a faithful participant at the Center ever since moving to Batahola 6 years ago. Without the economic means to pay for classes, the Center’s scholarship program was a great opportunity for her to gain important skills in sewing, cosmetology and now baking class. She is also the mother of two daughters, one of which is in the scholarship and tutoring program which helped Janet get involved in a women’s group that meets monthly with the Center’s psychologist to talk about leadership, self-esteem and parenting.

“I used to suffer from very low self esteem, but today I am more self-assured and aware of my rights. I have studied, improved my home life and the educational opportunities of my children. I can’t say enough about how this Center has affected my life.”

This is a snapshot of one of the many women who have been a part of our programs. Hopefully this helps give a face to the project that you are helping support through our Global Giving campaign.

With week one coming to a close, we want to thank all of those who have helped support our campaign both financially and by getting the word out to others. We have high hopes that the next three weeks of the campaign will be a success, but we need your help! If you feel a connection to the Cultural Center and the work we’re doing, we’d like to invite you to spread the word about our campaign through sharing our Facebook page or our project page. Any contribution, big or small, will help us get closer to our goal of raising $8,000 in the month of June in order to help women like Janeth gain important life and job skills.

Happy Friday and happy giving!






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