Global Giving campaign kicks off today!

ileana 2

Meet Ileana Traña. She’s a current scholarship student in the Cosmetology class at the Center. Ileana is 22 years old and like many women who come through the Center, a single-mother, struggling to get by financially. Luckily with the help of donors, Ileana is able to take Cosmetology class which has already helped her earn an income working from her home. Ileana is just one of many women who have come through the Center this year, and with your help many more women can take classes, participate in job-skills training, leadership workshops and much more.

By giving to our project on Global Giving you can help make sure we reach our budget this year in education and violence prevention programing. So start giving today!

Today is the first day of our month-long Global Giving challenge. For those of you who don’t know what Global Giving is, it’s an online platform for crowdfunding–aka raising funds through networking. The way this works is that I send out my project to my network of friends and family with the hope that some of them feel a strong enough connection to the project that they also send the project out to their network of friends and family. And from there the domino effect begins.

So if you have a connection to Batahola, or to Erika and I as volunteers, we’d love if you would consider giving towards our project by following this link. We’ve been working hard to make this campaign happen and we’d be thrilled if you could help the Center reach our goal of raising $8,000 this month to support young women who are a part of our programs in the second half of 2015. Even a small donation can go a long way. And most importantly, tell your friends! Pass along our project link, or stay connected through our Facebook page where we’ll be giving updates each week on the progress of the campaign. We’ll also be giving updates through our blog page so stay tuned!

Happy Monday and happy giving!



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