Photo of the Day

IMG_9730 IMG_9735

When most students in the U.S. get let out of class early because of snow or ice, here in Nicaragua it’s for fumigation. Every month or so you’ll hear a slow hum of machines and know what’s coming your way. Without warning men in masks come through spraying a thick smoke of fumes through all of the classrooms and offices, giving workers and students an escape for a good hour to let the fumes settle before going back inside. These precautions are taken by the government to prevent mosquito-born illnesses such as dengue and the current virus going around: chikungunya.

On Saturday as we were interviewing scholarship students for the profiles, we just had to laugh as we were interrupted by the fumigating process and all of the students we wanted to finish interviewing were dismissed early. “Asi es la vida”–“that’s life” here in Nicaragua. Plans change and you have to adjust accordingly. So with the camera already at hand, I decided to put on a mask and capture some photos of this strange, yet day-to-day experience we’ve become accustomed to here in Managua.



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