Employee Profile of the Month

IMG_6851 Name: Elmo Ricardo Calero Cruz

Birthday: June 26th

Neighborhood: Rosario Murillo (Ciudad Sandino)

Job Title: Security Guard

Time Working at the Center: 1 year

A Little Information About Me:  I live with my partner and our son who just turned one today. My partner recently got a cleaning job at a business that is gracious enough to let her take our son to work with her. He has had a lot of health problems so we’re very grateful that she is able to work while also taking care of him. I also stay home to take care of him on Mondays, the only day I have off from work. Every morning before work I wake up early to carry water to the house to shower, wash dishes and water plants since we don’t have running water in the house. In the little free time I have, I like to go visit my brother in Managua with my family because we’re very close. I also try to visit my mother about once a month in San Rafael, where I grew up.

How I Arrived at the Center: I never knew about the Center until one of my friends mentioned to me that they were looking to hire a security guard. When I first arrived to apply I was impressed by all of the beautiful murals that cover the walls here. I like my job because I am always active, walking all around the grounds making sure that nothing happens. I’m very committed to my job. This year the Center gave me the opportunity to go to a series of Gender Workshops put on by CANTERA. I enjoyed this experience and most importantly I made a commitment to be more respectful and affectionate with my life companion and our son.


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