VMM delegation visits Nicaragua

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This past week we got the privilege of accompanying the VMM delegation on their visit to Nicaragua. It was clear from the start that we were about to spend a week with a very passionate and animated group of people with some incredible wisdom and stories to share. It was also great to see the other VMM volunteers from El Salvador and Guatemala who came down to meet the group and give presentations on their volunteer work. It refreshing for us as current missioners to get to know other people who have done missions through VMM or have come to know VMM through a shared passion for social justice. Our evenings with the group also included social hour and a reflection time led by Edwina, writer and founder of VMM. The week went by quickly but I left feeling a deep connection and sense of community with the participants on the trip and also a renewed passion for seeking God and seeking justice in my everyday life. As I look back on the week these phrases stood out for me from the Spirit and LIfestyle, a pamphlet we got at orientation describing VMM’s mission, written by our very own Edwina. “We recognize that we need each other. We are a community-based movement that stresses and encourages the value of living together, praying together, working together, and sharing our Christian journey. We believe that it is through our shared and reflected experience in family and community that we will truly grow together deepening our spirituality and making a difference in our World. Our mission is a life long commitment to justice and transformation. It is a prophetic task. We help renew and invigorate our own church, for we recognize our own needs, inadequacies and hunger. And we acknowledge that we too, in the rich and stronger nations are in need of evangelization and renewal and an on-going awareness of our call to justice. We see, therefore, that mission is not a one-way process, and the monopoly of one church or religion. But it is a cyclical process, going from one church to another church in continuous, mutual sharing. This is the dynamic of mission. It is never static, it is ever moving, ever growing and ever calling forth the gifts and life in the other.” I finally understand the reason Edwina decided to call this organization a “movement”–because we’re constantly defining and redefining what it means to be a missioner as we share and challenge each other in community. As I enter another year of service, I acknowledge that every day calls for new learning and new growth. New ways of seeing God’s presence both in me and around me here in Nicaragua. Thanks to all of you who participated in the VMM delegation and also to all of you faithful blog readers! Abrazos, Kelsey


3 thoughts on “VMM delegation visits Nicaragua

  1. So glad VMM arrange such a renewing week for you. We need to get “filled up” so we can continue to give ours. A little jealous you got to spend such lovely time with Edwina.

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