Transforming Batahola: Taking action to end gender-based violence

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These are a few pictures from one of the youth-led workshops being carried out every week for a month as part of the new Violence Prevention campaign the Center has been funded to implement in the Batahola community. 13 young violence prevention promoters from the Center were trained and are now facilitating workshops with 100 youth ages 13-20 from Batahola. These workshops focus on promoting gender equality, especially through healthy, non-violent relationships. Yesterday I attended one of the workshops for the first time and I was impressed by the capacity of the young facilitators to get across their message in a fun and parcipitatizve way. The unique part of this project is that instead of adults and professional psychologists giving workshops to youth, it’s their own peers: someone who can talk with them on their own level.

Despite all of the stress and frustrations that go into trying to cram a lot of activities in a short 3-month project, it’s been great to get outside the walls of the Center and really start to get to know Batahola on a different level. Community-level work is definitely not easy and doesn’t always bring clear results, but it’s worth it if in the end a just a few youth, a few community leaders, a few men and women, take small steps to prevent gender-based violence in their houses and in their neighborhood.


*If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the activities going on in the Violence Prevention Project called “Desmarimbando La Violencia en Batahola” check out the Facebook page Red de Promotoria Social Comunitataria-CCBN


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