Employee Profile of the Month


Name: Moises Arnulfo Canda Nuñez

Birthday: May 9th

Neighborhood: Batahola Norte

Job Title: Music Instructor

Time working in the Center: 2 years

A Little Information About Me:

I grew up here in Batahola and still live here with my parents. Right now I’m studying in the mornings to get my license in chemistry and pharmacy and I hope one day to be a pharmacist. I still have one year left before finishing my studies. In the afternoon I give classes at the Center for beginning musicians. Just recently I was also put in charge of directing the Children’s Choir. When I’m not studying or working I like to relax and catch up with my family. I can play many instruments including trumpet, guitar, recorder and percussion. One food that I could never give up is Gallo Pinto*

How I Arrived at the Center:

I first came to the Center when I was 16 and started taking music classes with Father Angel. I began by taking recorder classes and also joined the choir and orchestra. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the improvements of the kids I work with. I also like the community created by the workers here. Even though we all work in different areas we are united in the same cause so that the Center can flourish. We help teach children and adults fundamental life lessons and values that they often don’t receive at home or in school. I think I also developed some of these values during my time here at the Center including responsibility and discipline. Now that I’ve started working here I have also come to realize the many different programs that go on here as well as all the behind the scenes work that makes this incredible place function.

*a typical rice and bean dish in Nicaragua


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