Kermes 2014

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This past Sunday was the Kermes, the Center’s annual fundraiser. Since we weren’t present last year we weren’t sure what to expect going into it, but after months and months of preparation, the day finally came for our work to pay off. And that it did! The day was a huge success, especially in food sales. Most years there is food leftover, but this year EVERYTHING was sold, right down to the last grain of rice even before the Kermes officially ended. There were also sales of bed sheets, clothes and shoes, raffles, massages by the Natural Medicine class, haircuts by the Beauty Class, a cultural presentation, a movie showing, face painting and a dance competition.

The total money raised to support the scholarship program was approximately 60,000 cordobas, which comes out to around 2,300 dollars, double the amount we had set our goal for. We’re so proud of our coworkers and other Center participants who helped make this event possible!

It’s strange to think that this is probably the last new event we’ll have at the Center. From here on out we’ll be repeating things we did last year at this same time. The same English material, the same concerts, end of the year staff outing…but the strange thing is that this time it will be our last. Look at me already getting sentimental with a whole year left to go, but it’s been on our mind a lot lately with our one year anniversary coming up next week. Stay tuned for more reflections of our first year in Batahola soon. Hope you all have a great weekend!




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