Employee Profile of the Month


Name: Arlen Patricia Lopez Gutierrez

Birthday: October 9th

Neighborhood: Batahola Sur

Job Title: Librarian

Time working in the Center: 3 months (although previously worked here 6 years and has now returned)

A Little Information About Me:

I live with my mom, my daughter and my two nephews. My daughter is 13 years old and is studying in secondary school. After work every day I go to night class since I’m working on a degree in accounting. In my free time I like to dance, sing, make handicrafts and read literature. The farthest place I have traveled is to Guatemala with Father Angel’s choir. If I could travel anywhere I would love to go to Brazil. It’s the one country that has always fascinated me.

How I Arrived at the Center:

I grew up coming to the Center because my mom was part of the original group of women who gathered to form the Center with Sister Margarita in the 80’s. After that she was also the professor of beauty class and later on handicrafts class. My brother and I participated in classes since we were young such as painting, dance and music. I was part of the choir and played the french horn in the orchestra. I was also a scholarship student from about fourth grade up until my first year of college. In those days we did about every social service imaginable, including cleaning bathrooms, helping in the cafeteria, teaching basic education to adults and my favorite which was helping in the library.

The most gratifying part about my work is being able to work with young people. When you work with adolescents you can really see them change and form their character throughout their time at the Center. I also like that we create a space that allows children with economic needs to come and learn. When I was a kid I never would have imagined myself working with young people, let alone in charge and organizing a program like this. But, thanks to my own formation here at the Center, here I am.


One thought on “Employee Profile of the Month

  1. Arlen arranged for over 150 young people to come to IHM/McNicholas arts and crafts this year. She is community minded. God bless her.

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