Day of Action for the Life of Women

Photo curtesy of Miguel Molina, El Nuevo Diario

International Women’s Day march last year in Managua. Photo curtesy of Miguel Molina, El Nuevo Diario

Today Nicaragua is celebrating “Dia de Accion por la Vida de las Mujeres” which calls for action against violence and femicides going on around the world, but especially in Latin America. Articles on femicides have been plastered throughout the news with 48 femicides currently on record so far this year Nicaragua. Even though this number is disturbing, I was even more astonished to read that Honduras recorded 629 femicides last year, which amounts to one women killed every 13 hours. To say the least, the struggle to end violence against women is long from over. But today both women and men stand up and speak out against this violence. Feminist groups and NGO’s all over the country are organizing vigils, rallies, concerts and other events this week to celebrate this holiday and call attention to the crude reality of femicides that are occurring. Later on this month the Center will be holding its second community forum facilitated by the Center’s psychologist which opens up dialogue about femicides and violence against women in the Batahola community.




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