Photo of the Day: Rain!!

IMG_3342This year has shown some strange weather patterns here in Nicaragua. Normally rainy season starts at the beginning of May, but up until today it has only rained twice here in Managua. This means the ground has stayed dry and continues to radiate heat in the fierce sunlight. Managua doesn’t see many overcast days, so the heat at midday is nearly unbearable. At this time of year the rains should be starting to cool down the temperatures, but we’re still sweating as much as ever!

Apparently this phenomenon is called “El Niño,” which without going into scientific detail basically means we’re in a drought. There have been evidence of climate change all over the world, but research shows that Nicaragua and other Central American countries will be getting hit the hardest with these effects. Some even predict that the rain today might be our last for a long while, but as for now, we’re going to enjoy it while we can.

As the rain pattered on the tin roofs staff and students went out to take it in, some children even laughing and jumping with excitement. Not sure if it was the rain or the large amounts of chocolate and peanut butter I ate today (generously provided by Friends of Batahola Board Member, Mark Overly on his visit), but my giddy child-like excitement was tempting me to join in the celebration!



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