Foodie Friday

My first month here in Nicaragua I spent living with a host family here in the Batahola Norte community. As I sat down to eat every day, I thought about how different the Nicaraguan diet and even the cultural norms of meal time are here compared to back home. For instance, here it is normal to have a refresco (juice or soda) with every meal whereas at home I normally drink water with meals. Or at my host family’s house I would almost always be served alone at the dinner table while other family members ate on the porch, by the TV or at a different time of the day, where at home my family almost always sat down to eat together. Sometimes I would get frustrated by these differences, but eventually I have started to become accustomed to them. Now whenever I drink water with my meal, I crave a sweet a flavorful refresco. And since we are without a dinner table, sometimes Isit to eat alone on a rocking chair on the porch and enjoy the people passing along the street and the activities going on across the street at the Center.

Although I love cooking on my own, sometimes I reminisce of the days my host mom graciously prepared some delicious Nicaraguan food and had it ready and waiting on the table for me. Luckily for the last week I was at my host family’s I had the strange idea to document every meal I ate, so in case you were wondering, here is a little peak into what the Nicaraguan diet looks like.

As always, enjoy your Friday, treat yourself!



2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Kelsey, enjoyed hearing about what you are eating and other different patterns of eating Nicaragua. As I was reading you blog, your dad just drove into place. Looks like to drop off fences. What a coincidence!. Keeping you in my prayers
    Janet g

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