Foodie Friday

Food. No matter where you go or where you’re from, food is at the center of everything. It is an international language that we all understand. Food nourishes more than just our body, but also our mind and soul. As I’ve learned here in Nicaragua, as well as growing up as a Mennonite in a “potluck” culture, sharing food is a sign of hospitality, love and community.

As I recently learned in a personality test, I am an epicure. When I found out that epicure means someone who takes pleasure in fine food or drink, I thought that seemed a little shallow. But as I explored more of my personality traits and the nature of epicureanism I realized this actually describes me quite well. Not only do I like to pursue new and unusual food, but also I’m fascinated by new and unusual places, people and ideas. Rightly so, the same week I embraced my inner epicure I also observed the baking class here at the Center. Soon theĀ professor and I were exchanging our knowledge and passions of food and cooking. We then decided that it would be fun for me to teach a few recipes that I like to make back home with the hope that sometime in the future I can come back to class and learn a few Nicaraguan recipes in return.

This week I taught the pastry-making class how to make Banana Bars and No-Bake Cookies. But what I’m most excited about is learning and translating some Nicaraguan recipes to share in the future. Keep your eyes out for some more food updates on Fridays!

Treat yourself to some fine food today, after all it is Friday!

-Kelsey “The Epicure”

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