Un Nuevo Amanecer

IMG_1443 Un nuevo amanecer…a new dawn, a new day. This phrase appears near the Center’s garden where the two founders, Margarita and Angel’s ashes have been spread. This was known to be one of Margarita’s favorite phrases, since she believed it is important that we live each day as a new beginning. During this time of transition I’m reminded that with every ending comes a new beginning, and that every day brings new hope and new experiences.

Erika and I are so excited to finally be settled in the volunteer house and beginning to explore the many programs the Center has to offer. But before the torch is passed we want to take the time to thank Sam and Andrea for all of the support they have given us through this time of transition and also wish them luck in their new beginnings.

If you haven’t done so already, please send some love to Sam and Andrea by leaving a comment or sending them an e-mail. We are so grateful for all of the wisdom and stories they have shared and we wish them luck in what lies ahead!


Sam will be spending another month in Nicaragua before flying back to the U.S. He plans to find a job in Minnesota and begin taking his prerequisites for medical school. Good luck Sam, we’ll miss your computer wisdom and dance moves!



Andrea will be spending another month in Nicaragua as well, but has decided to take a longer trek back to the U.S. by traveling through Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. She plans to fly out of Mexico in December and return to Indiana to spend some time with her family. Her plans are still undeclared after that, but she’s sure to have great adventures ahead of her! Good luck with Indiana in winter time, we’ll miss exercising together and all of your great puns!


Paz y amor,



One thought on “Un Nuevo Amanecer

  1. Thanks Kelsey for posting this — it’s nice tribute to Andrea and Sam! Hope all’s well with you and Erika and that you’ll be able to post here often!

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