Lights, Camera…Action!

Yesterday, the kids from the theater class at the Center got a chance to share their message of caring for the environment to all of Nicaragua. After a successful presentation of their play “Pio, the Little Snake” at the Center’s cultural show a month ago, they were asked to perform on a children’s television show here in Managua–Channel 6. With great excitement (and nerves), we piled into a microbus that drove us to the studio. The puppeteers that are in the TV show helped transform the children with make-up, so that along with their costumes, they pulled off convincing creatures.

About the Play

The play, written by teacher and director Ivonne García, tells the story of a little snake, Pio, who asks his mama if he and his friends can go out to play. The mama snake warns about what the humans might do, but eventually concedes and allows them to go out. While mama snake is collecting food for lunch, the two bad men capture her in a net and plan to sell her on the streets or cook her up for dinner. Pio and his friends begin a search for mama snake, and upon finding the men sleeping, untie the mama and in turn throw it over the men. Interspersed in the play are a number of songs and children’s games. The play ends with everyone (including the men) singing the environmental song, Días de Amar by the famous Nicaraguan group, Duo Guardabarranco,

Environmental Learning

This was a milestone in a formation process that started in February. Once a week, the children have class with their teacher Ivonne, which involve learning acting techniques, theater games, and rehearsing. I’ve accompanied her in leading the kids in discussions and activities on the theme of pollution and caring for animals. I believe they’ve internalized the message (one of the participant’s mother says her daughter no longer throws trash on the ground!), and were excited to present the play on the television to a much broader audience.

They’ll likely perform it again at the Center later this year, and meanwhile will begin work on a new project. Congratulations, young dramatists!

– Andrea K.

The Costumes

Director Ivonne had the idea of making all the costumes out of recycled materials, as a way of promoting awareness of the trash problems here in Nicaragua and showing creative ways to transform waste. I volunteered to help coordinate the creation of the costumes, but had huge help from Gianna Nicaragua (on staff in the Administrative area here at the Center), and from some of the kids themselves.

Canal 6 TV


One thought on “Lights, Camera…Action!

  1. Oh my word, it does not get more adorable than this! SO cool. Love the way the recycled costumes, theatre and environmental learning all tie together to create an unforgettable experience for all.

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