Caring for Agua

A theater class learning about caring for water? This year, the Center is trying to have more environmental focus in the classes. For me, that has meant accompanying the theater class, made up of about 20 adolescents in learning about pollution, the importance of caring for animals, and protecting the water. The play that they are going to present at the end of June will carry these themes. Therefore, some basic environmental education is in order.

looking down onto the laguna

looking down onto the laguna

the theater group

the theater group

The theater teacher, Ivonne, and I had the idea of taking the kids to visit one of the famous lagoons here in Managua–Laguna de Tiscapa. It is  at the base of Tiscapa hill in the center of the city, where a large figure of the revolutionary figure Sandino stands looking out over Managua. The laguna looks small from up above, where most people see it from their cars. However, we went down to the park entrance where we organized a tour with a park ranger.

The Laguna is actually a crater lake from a volcano that formed over 10,000 years ago. In the past, it was a popular place for locals to wash clothes, swim, and enjoy an afternoon. Today, it is so polluted that it swimming is prohibited. There are plans to clean it, and some trash cleaning happens, but until the open canals stop funneling drainage into it and money is invested in its restoration, the lagoon remains at risk.IMG_0272

where concerts used to be held...

where concerts used to be held…

At the lagoon’s shore, we saw an iguana, turtles, and various birds. Along the path, the kids collected trash and seed pods from the Black Guanacaste trees. After singing some songs about not throwing trash on the ground, we asked them to draw a picture showing ways to care for the water.

Next trip (hopefully): the zoo. In order to impersonate the animals for their play, they’ve got to know how they act!

drawing ideas for water care

drawing ideas for water care


~ Andrea K.


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