Cold-water and Prayer

Annual volunteer retreat:

Disclaimer: these photos are old! Well, from February of this year, but somehow I forgot to post them until now.

Right before the craziness of classes and work got started again, Sam and I joined our fellow volunteers in a yearly VMM retreat. VMM (Volunteer Missionary Movement) is our sending organization, and currently supports seven volunteers in Central America. Like last year’s retreat, we met in the tiny rural community of La Garnacha, in the north of Nicaragua.

The four days of retreat were spend in sessions of prayer, reflection, thought-provoking exercises, along with plenty of chocolate, laughter, and rest. One highlight was a visit to a local waterfall, the Salto Estanzuela. Those braver missioners took the dive into the freezing-cold water to wake up.  I used the ‘photographer’- card to pass.

Retreats such as these are important parts of our volunteer experience, helping us refocus on    our purpose, set goals, and reflect on what has been going on in our lives. A unique part of our involvement in the Friends of Batahola Volunteer program is that we are also missioners with VMM. Thus, we get to share stories and support with other volunteers working in similar type of work in other countries. It acts as a reminder to me that we aren’t alone in our educating, peacemaking, and empowering work.

~ Andrea K.


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