Photo of the Day



Hand-washed clothes out to dry in the Nicaraguan sunshine.

~Andrea K.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Yes, it reminds me of the months we lived in Lesotho (S Africa). Water brought up the hill (from a pond) in 5 gal pails on the heads of girls and heated in huge black iron kettles over outdoor fire. Washed by hand, rinsed by hand in another such kettle of water, carried in a basket on the head out to the barbed wire fence. If the clothes weren’t dry be evening, they had to be brought in or would be stolen before daybreak. And now I drop the clothes in the washer and push a button and walk away. Many times I remember Lesotho. We don’t realize how blessed we are!!! Dorothy

  2. You are right, Dorothy! I had always taken for granted the washing machine at home. Sometimes I would grumble about doing laundry back in the States. It’s different now, when washing my clothes become my exercise for the day! Those are some amazing memories you have. – Andrea

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