Bettering Bulletin Boards

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Friday’s workshop last week was the fruit of discussions over various months about how to improve the bulletin boards at the Center–an important medium for communication.

There are a number of displays that youth (including scholarship recipients) involved at the Center help create. Often, the work that goes into them involves reviewing the current local newspapers for articles relevant to a chosen theme; announcing upcoming events; or giving information on the Theme of the Month at the Center.

Amanda Otero and I led the workshop, which focused in part on strengthening the critical thinking process (looking at things from another point of view, and interacting with the information); part in how to draw people’s attention to the information; and another part focused on the visual design.

We had great fun with them–re-writing fairy tales from the ‘bad person’s’ perspective; evaluating images of bulletin boards; talking about gender-focus; and making mock-ups of bulletin boards in pairs.

To better bulletin boards and beyond!!

~ Andrea



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