Closing the Year with Culture

On Saturday, the Center was once again filled with the energy of the bi-annual Cierre Cultural (Cultural Closing), with a showcase of the arts classes especially (including Cooking, Handicrafts, Painting, Music, Theater, and Dance). Activity started at 9 am with the Salón Guadalupana filled with painting exhibits and some of the bulletin boards from the staff fair earlier that week. At about 10:30, the main hall (el salón Nuevo Amanecer) was filled with families and friends as the performances began.

I enjoyed a delicious nacatamal–a typical Nicaraguan-style tamale–cooked by one of the Cooking class students, with my coffee in hand. Watching the dances, theater sketches, and music always amazes me. Talent abounds here at the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte, and it is a joy to enter into the middle of it. Having been here long enough to know people involved in the teaching, the rehearsing, and logistics, I know how much work goes into it!



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