Coro Infantil Sings in Festival

This past Saturday, the Coro Infantil (Children’s Choir) of the Center traveled over four hours south of Managua to the city of San Carlos. The tourism organization of Nicaragua, INTUR, invited the choir to sing at their Fourth Aquatic Festival of San Carlos. To accompany the singers, a few young guitar students joined the Coro.

The kids arrived at the Center in Managua promptly at 5am on Saturday morning, eager to go on their first trip as a choir. Once in San Carlos, they mounted the large platform to sing the national hymn, “Nicaragua Mia,” and “Nicaragua Nicaraguita”, popular folk songs of Nicaragua.

Nineth Larios (teacher of guitar and marimba at the Center), directed the girls and boys, who did a great job. The group made a short visit around the town, including the port, had lunch, and then were back on the bus at 3pm. According to Katya Erazo, (Artistic Promotion at the Center), the kids were full of energy and treated one another with respect.

Congratulations to the hard work of these boys and girls, and the adults involved!



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