Marching for Women’s Rights

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All the staff at the CCBN came to work wearing brightly colored t-shirts this morning, ready to make a presence in a march denouncing violence against women.

Today, November 25, is the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Since 1981, activists have marked this day as a day to protest violence against women, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the U.N. declared it an international day, inviting governments and organizations to participate.

Managua’s newspapers will announce tomorrow the numbers of participants, but organizers estimated around 2,000 people joined in the march along major city streets, past the Central American University, and convening near one of the central roundabouts in Managua.

Women’s rights organizations from various parts of Nicaragua joined forces to draw awareness to the problem of violence against women. Nicaragua has high levels of femicide  (homicides committed in hatred against women). The majority of cases of domestic abuse and violence against women aren’t reported, and of those that are reported, few  are justly processed.

The CCBN, as part of its strategic plan, has projects that bring awareness of violence against women and try to initiate changes in people’s ways of thinking and acting about the issue.

“Violence against women is a crime! Enough with the impunity!



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