Boys and a Looking Glass

Boys from Barrio Dimitrov ride on a bus to a workshop facilitated by the CCBN’s violence-prevention project, “Rights and Equality: Art for a Life Free of Gender-Based Violence”.

I accompanied the boys on their afternoon workshops with psychologist Moisés Sanchez. We started out with a game called “the mirror”. The boys had to mirror their partner’s movements and expressions, as a way of paying attention to one another (listening and observing) and also recognizing the uniqueness of each person.

Moisés read a story to them about a chicken who discovers it’s actually an eagle (a message about discovering who we really are, and pursuing our dreams). Then, the boys had a chance to write their response to these questions:

Who shows you that they love you?

Are your opinions taken into account?

Who recognizes your feelings?

How are you making sure others recognize your abilities and opiniones?

It was a successful afternoon of games, self-reflection, and learning in a group. I’m looking forward to other opportunities I will have to accompany other groups participating in this project, and I know Sam (the other Batahola Volunteer) is doing the same periodically.


Moises Sanchez Cordero, facilitating the workshop with the boys


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