Painting of the Day

Thought I’d share with you a watercolor I made in February of this year, inspired by a trip to a rural community in the nature reserve of Miraflor. With a few friends, we stayed two nights with a family who welcomed us into their home. I was captured by the sight of the  mother and her girls shelling beans in the dark, dirt-floor kitchen with morning light streaming in. It was a quiet scene that contrasts to the noisy life of Managua, although both are equally vibrant places.



10 thoughts on “Painting of the Day

  1. Hi Andrea,

    Waht a fine watercolor–in content, composition and your use of color!!! I am not sure I have seen your work in wc before. And I am so pleased you can find some time to do visual things. Will those in your painting be able to see it?


    • Thank you Judy! I have never taken a watercolor class, and would love to someday, but just like playing around with them. I want to make more time for my personal art-making–I think it could be a useful way for me to keep active creatively, process my experience here, and share it with others! I hope someday to return to that rural community…if I do, it’d be a good idea to carry a copy of the painting along!

  2. This is a really great picture! You’ve got a real gift here. I hope you find more opportunities to develop and share this. Elizabeth

  3. I love this painting, Andrea–the composition, the colors, and the sense of shared focus on a nurturing task. Paint more!

  4. Andrea, it is a delight to see your work in watercolor – the fresh touch of the brush, the rich colors, and the sense of light are reminiscent of your gorgeous silks, but now you’ve included a human element and a moment captured. Good work! We’re excited to see what’s next. Love, Grandma and Grandpa G.

  5. Andrea, how lovely, I almost feel as if I am there. You have a wonderful gift of capturing the spirit of Nicagraua both in your photos and now with your beautiful watercolors. Keep them coming.

  6. Andrea,
    I wanted you to know how I personally enjoy photo of the day. It keeps CCBN in my thoughts each day. I also forward these pictures to our twinning community and those who are coming to Nicaragua today. God bless you for your talent and your gift to all of us, Sue Keefe

  7. Andrea–this is beautiful! Oh my gosh, paint when you are able, cause you’re amazing (in many ways 🙂 )

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