Photo of the Day

An invitation to relax: travel to Pearl Lagoon, on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. Walk 30 min to the small indigenous community of Awas. Make friends with a Rastafarian man who offers who coconuts to drink, and teaches you how to throw a fishing net. Swim in the warm, clear water and pinch yourself.



3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. I ll be right down! I wish! Sounds idyllic…wish I could see smell taste and feel it in person. Missing you dear….

  2. Looks really amazing! So this is the life of a Christian volunteer….why aren’t there more?!!

    • Indeed!! An amazing gift of being here (not just as a passing tourist) is the opportunity to build friendships-connections not-to-be-missed. We had a 4 day weekend, and so we stayed with a friend’s family who is from the Costa. We caught a ride back with a family heading to Managua, so in total, spent little money, and had a wonderful time meeting the extended family on the Costa. Perks of the job??

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