Happy Birthday Library!

The Cultural Center of Batahola Norte is commemorating 15 years since the opening of the library, with a week full of activities celebrating reading. 

The construction of a library at the Cultural Center of Batahola Norte (CCBN) was always a dream of Margarita Navaro (one of the co-founders), as she saw a huge need among the youth and children of Batahola who were doing research for school assignments. Before the current library was constructed, a small one held stories and books in various rooms of the CCBN. These spaces had to be shared with other classes such as Music, Typing, and Computer at the time.

After various efforts by different groups and people involved with Center programs, the Organization United Hands of Spain approved funding in 1996 for the construction of the two-story building. On April 23rd, 1997, the CCBN Library was inaugurated, opening from that moment its services to the whole Batahola Community and bordering neighborhoods.

The development and maintenance of the Library is a priority of the Center, allowing a continual flow of material and economic resources for the Library.

Today, there are almost 5,000 reference, research, and literature books. It receives more than 1,500 visits each month, with the majority young students from the neighborhood who, not able to buy books for their studies, depend upon this resource for their academic success.

The library is also a place for personal development for children and youth in the community. From students who form part of the project’s work team, to boys and girls who come to the Story Hour, study groups, and workshops on social themes, the library users find a suitable place to grow into responsable and healthy people.

Click here to see Facebook photos of the Story Hour for kids.

~ Andrea (information drawn from CCBN website)


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Library!

  1. Hello Andrea:
    Thank you for including us on your mailing list. I was interested in reading about the large library for students to use in their studies.

  2. Hello Andea: Thank you for including us on your mailing list from the Cultural Center. I am glad that you are involved in this ministry and I wish you much joy and satisfaciton as you and your associates help in guiding and directing the eager students that attend there.

    • Thanks Grandpa! I appreciate you taking the time to look and the blog, and for your encouragement and blessings. I feel lucky to be so welcomed here and involved in the work going on here. Look forward to seeing you in July!

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