Photo of the Day

Translating, Elena Hendrick (left), Maria Lopez Vigil (right)

“Injustice should make us indignant, and we must commit ourselves to fighting against it. If we are born with privileges, that means we have even more responsibility.”
Theologian Maria Lopez Vigil has written much on the topic of Liberation Theology–a theology born out of a model of Christianity, and originally a Latin American phenomenon that started in the 1950s-1960s.
She says: “Liberation theology is a cultural expression of an impoverished and oppressed people that have discovered that God is not neutral. The poor can’t be human beings when they are living in that pobreza, and the rich can’t be humans when they are living in such riqueza.”
You can download the text to her book (or the audio version) at
Another book of hers is:

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