Photo of the Day

One recent sunday there was an ecumenical gathering of ex-pats, on a farm just outside of Managua. It is a project run by an organization called Kairos, who are in the first stages of creating a farm-school project, along with their existing ministries.

Members of rural communities come to learn new farming skills and earn a salary for a number of weeks or months while on the Kairos farm. As a group of foreigners with much love for Nicaragua (and some with more than 20 years living here), we gathered in solidarity to show our support for this project.



7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Hi Andrea, What are they doing in this picture? Thanks for sharing these pictures of Nicaragua. Who is the young man pictured with you on your picture page? Leona

    • Hi Leona! In this photo they are shelling fresh hibiscus flowers, taking out the seed in the center, so that the petals can be dried and made into tea. Quite delicious and a beautiful color! The young man often pictured with me is Sam Estes, my co-volunteer here at the Cultural Center. We are both missioners with the Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM) and placed here in Managua for the next two years. We also both live in the volunteer house right across the road from the Cultural center.

      • Andrea, thanks for answering my questions. We had hibiscus flowers in Somalia but we didn’t drink tea using them! The Somalis, however did drink a lot of tea with spices and sugar.

      • yes indeed! I hope you can try some of the tea. If not, I just had the great idea of bringing back bags of organic coffee and hibiscus tea when I come home to visit. I can get them here very cheaply, and even selling it at a ‘normal’ American price it could help me fundraise…hmmm…so stay tuned for coffee/tea orders!

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